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Radiator Cleaning Brush

radiator cleaning brush

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radiator cleaning brush - Radiator, 2x120mm

Radiator, 2x120mm 20-FPI Copper [no nozzles]

Radiator, 2x120mm 20-FPI Copper [no nozzles]

The copper core HX-CU720VS provides an approximate 700W of added heat dissipation when coupled with two 120mm fans. With a fin density of 20 FPI (fins per inch), it is optimized for low to mid-range air flow. Vertical (perpendicular) G 1/4 BSP threaded nozzle sockets. 30mm (1.18") long mounting screws are included. Dual pass, 15mm (0.59") fan hole spacing. The total amount is 700mL (23.67 fl oz), which should be a little more than you'll need to fill a typical Koolance system. The recommended replacement period is every 2-3 years, or immediately if there is any change in color or clearness. Freezing point = -15°C.

85% (16)



As I'm taking a break from painting, I promised to give our place a good clean while she earns the money.

This ferret like brush gets into the tiniest crevice, and is ideal for cleaning behind radiators.

As Larry Grayson used to say, "ooh look at the muck".

Dust makes me itch, so it's gotta be done!

hahahahaha...I'm going back to painting A.S.A.P!!!!

Boxster left side radiators

Boxster left side radiators

When I separated the A/C radiator from the engine coolant radiator, a whole bunch of small debris fell out. We brushed off what remained and then blew compressed air to clean off the really small stuff.

radiator cleaning brush

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